Avi Schwartz
Naftali Schwartz
Baruch Yageel
Yocheved Miller
Amit Yaghoubi
Cuisine Director
Boys Director
Acquatics Director
Medical Director
Cultural Director
Ever since Hashem has shown me the way to heal my “chronic” condition through diet and lifestyle, I have been driven to teach others to relieve their own “incurable” ailments.  Being Greenhouse Manager and Medicine Health Coach for Brooklyn’s Organic Circle has been a memorable part of this crusade.  I enjoy instructing people how to prepare real, wholesome food without breaking the bank.  As a Certified Life Coach, I also counsel troubled youth extending them the empowerment and tools they need to get their lives back on track.I am a veteran yeshiva teacher of both elementary and high school.  Over time, I have honed my skills in education, memorization, natural living and permaculture design.  I had spent some years as a middling teacher, until Hashem opened my eyes to the facts that a) learning without remembering is pointless, and b) strong memories rarely arise from the subject matter itself, but, improbably, from the “incidentals”.  Learning to focus my attention on these has been a key driver of my late teaching success.
Baruch attended Brooklyn College and holds multiple education certifications. He has become skilled at resolving the emotional issues undermining learning through more than a decade of teaching Chemistry in public school. His numerous competencies include emergency medicine, music and cultivation and identification of mushrooms and other wild edibles. Our campers will benefit greatly from his multiple talents.Yocheved attended Barry University and SUNY at New Paltz holds multiple education certifications. She has taught public school and worked in camps for many years.. Her numerous competencies include emergency medicine, music, music theory and history. Our campers will benefit greatly from her multiple talents.Amit is an innovative Navi teacher at North Shore Hebrew Academy who is also a highly regarded speaker on Amit has a strong background in kiruv and her competencies include yoga, meditation, and mindfulness with special emphasis on Tefilla. Our campers will benefit greatly from her multiple talents.