Once upon a time in the early 1950s in Nitra Yeshiva in Mount Kisco, Rav Weissmandel, z”l, created a Yeshiva Farm Settlement where yeshiva bochurim could learn farming skills at the same time as they were immersed in their traditional Yeshiva studies.  This program lasted but a few years and no substantially similar program has been created since.

A Farm Yeshiva is sorely needed for at least 2 reasons.  First, the wisdom of relying for food on a global supply chain vulnerable to all manner of international political crises has been called into question as Eurasia, the world’s breadbasket, descends into armed conflict.  And more to the point, yeshiva boys need the physical engagement with their studies which farming will provide.  It’s no longer possible to pretend that our youth can be effectively educated from textbooks alone.  Giving them the hands-on activity of farm life, which include not only tending crops and animal husbandry, but fabrication of all kinds, wil keep them engaged not only with their secular studies but with bring inestimable gains in their Limudei Kodesh as well.  Please help us turn this vision of Yeshivas Binyan Adei Ad into vivid reality.

Carrying out the Hikon vision requires acquiring lands all over America through gifts, purchases, or a combination of the two.  Let us arrange a tax-advantaged real estate deal where capital gains are fully or partially shielded through a tandem gift.  For more information, email us at or call (833) 445-6687.