Why are you making a new summer camp?

We are filling a void in our community. Existing camps are great for growth in learning and sports and being out in nature. But political, environmental and economic winds of change are blowing, and today’s youth needs an opportunity to experience a natural lifestyle firsthand so they can be better equipped to meet the significant challenges ahead.

Do you offer any discounts?

Glad you asked. We offer a discount of $300 off the second session and $600 off the third session. In addition, there is also a $200 discount per session for the second sibling, a $400 discount per session for the third sibling, and so on. We also roll out the welcome mat for international campers arriving from outside the US by offering an additional $200 discount per session.

How is payment made?

You may pay with PayPal, venmo and Zelle to 347 764 8313.

What is your typical camper demographic?

While we embrace Rabbinic Judaism and esteem Torah study and practice as the pinnacle of human achievement, we are not specifically (or specifically not) looking for campers who hail from particular Torah institutions. Instead, we hope to attract a demographic of “awake” Torah Jews in order to teach them the next steps to take after they have “woken up”. So far, campers in AZ, FL, IL, MD, NJ, NY and OH have expressed interest in joining.

How will your campers be safeguarded from Covid-19 illness?

We will provide campers with an abundance of vitamin D and other prophylaxis as directed by our health coach. Due to the experimental nature of available Covid-19 injections and the emerging reports of enhanced Covid-19 illness in those living in close quarters with “vaccinated” people (more information here and here), we cannot recommend this treatment for either our staff or our campers at this time. We regret that we will be unable to accept campers or counselors who have already received any of these injections.

Why is your camp more costly than other camps?

Unlike other summer camps which merely offer campers a great summer, we offeri a unique experience for young people to learn life-changing skills while enjoying a great summer as well.  Out campers shall:

  • be encouraged to produce preserves with their own hands.
  • be supplied with healthy garments and footwear.
  • be equipped with tools and materials needed to achieve their objectives.
  • be empowered to raise their emotional intelligence and resilience under the tutelage of our resident LCSW.

How will you accommodate younger campers?

The skill set we teach is suitable for all ages. Our Junior High division will be performing a less physically demanding version of the activities engaged in by the High School division.

Why do you need my shoe size?

We’re planning to supply some cool and healthy footwear, as well as tee-shirts, which will help campers experience the healing power of nature “feet-on”. They’ll also serve as great tokens of the fabulous summer we’ll enjoy together!

What if building a house is too hard for me?

Building a house with a group is only hard for people who don’t get along (think of the Dor HaFlaga). So although we’ll be building a house, we’ll mainly be building ourselves. The crises which lie ahead demand not only significant know-how, but even more so the interpersonal skills which we will be nurturing.

Are all three sessions teaching the same skills?

Some of the same skills will necessarily be retaught, although it must be noted that anything involving manual dexterity bears repeating and practice. But there is far more material to teach than time to teach it, so those staying for several sessions will continue to be challenged all summer long.